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Woodland Retreat Yoga Centre

Opens from 14th September 2021


Woodland Retreat contains Cardiff’s largest purpose built yoga studio in an idyllic space set in half an acre of woodland in North Cardiff. The studio is a wood-build that blends into its surroundings and is double insulated to keep out the cold. Large windows, giving views of the garden, keep the studio open and connected to the land. The polished oak floor gives a feeling of warmth and is the perfect surface to practice on.  It has its own outdoor patio area allowing classes to come into the garden during the warmer months.


“Mary and Jason’s classes offer more than exercise alone. There is work on therapeutic breathing and mindfulness with an emphasis on the development of the inner self and compassion for all. Their approach is non-religious but enables the exploration of spirituality. Every class ends with a period of relaxation, breathing and meditation.

“They foster a sense of community and belonging in the classes which helps to create the supportive atmosphere.”

– Sharon R.