A haven for yoga and spiritual healing in the heart of Cardiff


Woodland Retreat

Yoga Centre


Woodland Retreat contains Cardiff’s largest purpose built yoga studio in an idyllic space set in half an acre of woodland in North Cardiff.

The studio is a wood-build that blends into its surroundings and is double insulated to keep out the cold.

Large windows, giving views of the garden, keep the studio open and connected to the land.

The polished oak floor gives a feeling of warmth and is the perfect surface to practise on. 

It has its own outdoor patio area allowing classes to come into the garden during the warmer months.


June 28th – 5th July @ PenPont House

“Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity”

About Us

At the Woodland Retreat Yoga Centre, we believe that anyone can do yoga.

From the person that can only move one finger to the one that can stand on his or her head we welcome all abilities to join us for a great time.

Yoga Classes

After what feels like forever, we’re delighted to be able to welcome you back to live, in person yoga classes at the Woodland Retreat Yoga Centre.

Classes run on Tuesday’s, Thursdays & Fridays. Find out more details on the Yoga Classes page now.

Yoga Days

A day for you to experience Yoga on a level that is not possible in a 2 hour class. We work harder, breathe deeper and learn more.

Each day brings its own challenges, but you will leave calm and refreshed.

Yoga Retreats

The purpose of the Retreat is to give the mind a rest, to get into the body, to be in the present moment. It is wonderful to be for a while with others of like mind.

Retreats give us a safe space in which to work, that may not be available in the outside world.


Weds / Friday Mornings - 7.00am