Yoga classes with Mary Madhavi and Jason Riseborough


“The yoga was really good we moved continuously for one and half hours. I reached deeper levels and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Yoga Classes at Woodland Retreat

All classes are £9


10.00-11.30am (For all levels)

6.00-7.20pm (Beginners)

7.30-9.30pm (All levels)


6.00-7.15 pm (Beginners)

7.30-9.30pm (All levels)


10.00-11.30am (All levels)


Zoom Classes

(For the moment there are no set fees for our Zoom classes, but please make a donation to allow us to keep providing classes)

Wednesday 7.00-8.00am Zoom link 

Thursday 7.30-9.30pm Zoom link 

Friday 7.00-8.00am Zoom link 

In this hard time where money can be short we are running a classes by donation for those who can and want to donate to us:

Mary and Jason also teach YogaMobility classes for disabled students